Azita Moallef : Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist


After graduating UCLA, I traveled to Hawaii, experiencing sustainable lifestyles in harmony with nature, quite different from the academic life I was living. That was a turning point in my life to search for wisdom and not just academic knowledge.

 I came back and started my studies in Chinese Medicine and traveled to many places learning and practicing Yoga, Meditation and various forms of Healing Arts. 

 At the same time I set out on an intense search for wisdom, seeking an understanding of Self that would bring about mental and emotional mastery and would enable me to relate to life in a more harmonious way. This led me on a journey of Self-discovery that ended with a series of deep experiences, which brought about profound inner change.

 My transformational experiences brought me back into the academic and professional worlds as a healthcare practitioner and an educator of contemplative disciplines, with an added insight. My goals are now to serve with love, and to strive towards creating a joyful community.